Embroidery production




Time flew as the student learned running stitch, back stitch and couching stitch.  These basic stitches will be used to make a stitched protest.





Final Project Presentations

March 22, you will be presenting your project ideas.  Inspired by the techniques we have used, and the artist and concepts you have seen, each student individually or collaboratively will create a final project which will be exhibited at the Craft and Folk Art Museum on April 20.

Include the following details in your project proposal:

  1. 1 paragraph creative statement about what you want to do, and where your inspiration came from.
  2. List of techniques used (one or more from our sampling projects / and you can include other methods you already know too)
  3. A materials list.
  4. A time line for achieving your project.   You will check in with me on Friday April and at this time you should be close to completion of your project.
  5. A few sketches of our idea.
  6. Installation plan.  What materials you will need, how much space, wall or floor.  If you are doing a performance, how will the work be documented and displayed?

During presentation on March 22, we can provide additional support and suggestions to your idea.  If you have questions during the week, please post on the blog and I will respond.



Stitched Protests

Here are some examples of when embroidery became part of a move to transform the relationship of art to society, and the place of women with in it.

Suffragette Banners of the early 1900’s

Sonia Terk Delaunay – textile designer and artist, also did embroidered collage paintings.

Judy Chicago, the Dinner Party.  Combination of embroidery, ceramics and installation commemorating women in history

Contemporary Stitch Protest

Samples of hand embroidered patches with a statement.

Crochet Skin

This Fridays activity is inspired by the crochet wearables made by the artist Olek  Here are some videos to check out too:






Using basic crochet we will attempt to generate a crochet mask!


How to Crochet a beard mask http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMH0iEm4gFY