Crochet Skin

This Fridays activity is inspired by the crochet wearables made by the artist Olek  Here are some videos to check out too:


Using basic crochet we will attempt to generate a crochet mask!


How to Crochet a beard mask




6 thoughts on “Crochet Skin

  1. I know how to crochet a bit from my mom,so I’m excited to get more experience! I’m also excited to see how this will turn out!!

  2. Olek’s work is so fun and amazing! The public demonstrations look like they make a great impact on the observers. I want to crochet a beard mask for Mr. Bakunin, he’s my physics teacher who shaved off his gigantic beard. I think his face might be cold sometimes.

  3. wow!It took me an eternity just to figure out how to get the needle in the hole. I’m getting better now and thankfully I have a mom who can help me out. For those of you who have never crocheted before i hope you did better than me on my first try.

  4. Kaila, Im soo glad you are getting the hang of it. Crochet took awhile for me to get as well. And honestly, Im still learning. Im so proud you didn’t give up! Keep up the good work!

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