Public Weaving Action Documentation

Thanks for all your responses.  I was just wondering if you have heard any comments from other students on campus?


















6 thoughts on “Public Weaving Action Documentation

  1. Students on campus would ask me about the weavings because of my association with the visual art department. I received a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity: one student telling me that he wanted to learn because the weaving provided excellent elasticity to bounce his lacrosse ball off of!

  2. I really enjoyed creating these~ It was relaxing, fun, and produced beautiful results. I loved seeing everyone’s projects and how they went about making them. It’s cool to see how many different ways someone can make a single weaving!

  3. One friend told me they though it was a really awesome idea, and they wished we had more installations around campus. I’ll take that as a challenge! XD

  4. I thought the weaving was a fun experience and I loved everyones results! There was a variation of different weavings and I was surprised with my result as well!

  5. Weaving was fun once I got the hang of it! Ever since this activity I’ve wanted to weave everything.

  6. This activity was pretty awesome!!!Although we all needed to be yeah it took a while to finish one piece…but in the end it was worth it because it end up looking very colorful!!>.<

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