Final Projects – Reception at CAFAM




Students exhibited the following works:

1.         Maddy Leist

  • Title: How I dress is not an invitation.
  • Statement: This work challenges humanity to consider the persuasive culture of rape, which exists in the United States.
  • Techniques:  embroidery
  • Materials:  cloths and thread



2.         Kira Kishi / Camille Clair

  • Title:  Vitamin Dream
  • Statement: Relationship to objects, creating an atmosphere combing craft with modern surrealistic design, which challenges functionality in craft.
  • Techniques:  multi craft performance
  • Materials:  wire, yarn and fabric


3.         Mia Campbell-Kiyabu / Jessica Kim / Stephanie Hsu / Cynthia Herrera / Tamilika De

  • Title:  Memory Tree
  • Statement:  This work explores the relationship between childhood and adulthood.  The artists ask you to write down one of your favorite childhood memories.
  • Techniques:  sculpture and crochet
  • Materials:  plastic bottles, stuffed animals, and fabric


4.         Charles Gutwirth

  • Title:  Spider Hoop’n
  • Statement:  Inspired by embroidered spider webs I created this piece reflecting on ideas of shifting the reality of everyday life.
  • Techniques:  embroidery
  • Materials:  embroidery hoop, fabric and embroidery floss


  • 5.         Emma Juncosa
  • Title: Impermanence
  • Statement: Flowers die, and the act of pressing them makes them permanent, staying in one form.  They are forever the same, like death.
  • Techniques:  embroidery
  • Materials:  dried pressed flowers, thread

6,         Amy Wong / Noel Baird

  • Title:  Transplant
  • Statement: Inspired by CAFAM exhibition where objects were transplanted into existing environments we will generate collage embroideries, which comment on urban and natural landscapes.
  • Techniques:  photography and embroidery
  • Materials:  photographs, transparencies and embroidery floss


7.         Brittany Smith

  • Title:  Conformity
  • Statement: This work is an expression of the fast paced lifestyle of Americans, and how technology has impacted creativity and communication.
  • Techniques:  crochet and embroidery
  • Materials needed:  muslin, embroidery floss, hoop, needled


8.         Ariana Pacino

  • Title:  Ugly Barbie
  • Statement:  Barbie portrays a unattainable idea of beauty.  In response to this, I created a collection of modified Barbies, depicting everyday women.
  • Techniques:  embroidery, crochet
  • Materials:  yarn, thread and barbies


9.         Pauline Petersen

  • Title:  Boy Scouts are Fags?
  • Statement: This work promotes the inclusion of gays in the boy scouts, vs. the exclusion, which currents exist.
  • Techniques:  weaving, crochet and embroidery
  • Materials:  yarn, embroidery floss and boy scout sash


10.      Vanessa Givens

  • Title:  Taste the Happy
  • Statement: This work is a commentary of eating disorders.
  • Techniques:  embroidery
  • Materials:  embroidery floss an fabric

11.      Masresha Girmachew

  • Title:  Disconnected
  • Statement: self-portrait, exploring my wandering thoughts.
  • Techniques:  sewing and crochet
  • Materials: yarn


12.      Kate Johannesen –

  • Title:  Change! Purse
  • Statement: Society overvalues ownership of cash, credit and capital.  Our lives revolve around money, and we often forget that our world should revolve around our lives, our happiness, our health and each other.
  • Techniques:  Embroidery, appliqué and crochet
  • Materials:  colorful printed fabrics, needle, embroidery floss, yarn and crochet hook.


13.      Chanel Toruno

  • Title:  Create No Assimilate (Chansport)
  • Statement: Knock off of the Jansport backpack, a symbol of the typical American high school student.
  • Techniques:  crochet
  • Materials:  yarn


14.      Kaila Williams

  • Title:  Crafty Decor
  • Statement: Inspired by the work of Olek, my desire was to create a metaphor of dinning wear.
  • Techniques:  weaving and crochet
  • Materials:  yearn


15.      Simone Miller

  • Title:  We All Wear Masks
  • Statement: This work is a critique of how we limit human interaction and empathy towards each other in order to conform and be normal.
  • Techniques:  embroidery, sewing and doll making
  • Materials:  fabric and embroidery floss

16.      Ivelisse Alvarado

  • Title:  Stay Positive
  • Statement:   Honoring the history of dream catchers, i was inspired to make a version reflecting on modern day insecurities.
  • Techniques:  embroidery and crochet
  • Materials:  embroidery hoops / yarn
  • IMG_0734

17.      Angie Curiel

  • Title:  21 hours feels like forever
  • Statement:  a quarter scale Forever 21 garment made in 21 hours.
  • Techniques:  crochet
  • Materials:  yarn


18.      Alex Cerutti

  • Title:  Proudly Worn
  • Statement: My main goal is to hand make a jacket or hoody, which typically everyone has, that I can proudly wear.
  • Techniques:  sewing, embroidery
  • Materials:  tarp and embroidery floss

19.      Mireya Vasquez

  •  Title:  Just Doing it!
  • Statement: I love music, and in honor of music symbolism I chose to create an embroidery on a musician style t-shirt.
  • Techniques:  embroidery
  • Materials:  t-shirt fabric

22 thoughts on “Final Projects – Reception at CAFAM

  1. OMG it was so much fun and all the artwork was amazingggg! Im so proud of all my fellow peers and their artwork. Also, Im glad all my friends came out to see our exhibition . K so yea, i loved it.

  2. Being able to show my family and my peers all the art work I made at the exhibition was a really interesting experience. I enjoyed people’s reactions to my art, as well as their reactions to my fellow artists’ art. The music and the food was a huge plus! I was also able to go upstairs to the Social Fabric exhibition and teach my family how to crochet. I have my own crochet materials and they started doing their own crochet masterpieces at home. This exhibition was such a valuable experience!
    p.s. Thanks Carol, Sonny, and the Craft and Folk Art Museum Staff! (and everyone else that helped make this event possible).

  3. This exhibition was such an accomplishment for all of us! I’m really proud of everyone who worked so hard on their art, and it was great to see so many people look, interact, and interpret it. I hope that craft has influenced everyone who made and viewed it in a creative and positive way1

  4. It was really awesome seeing what everyone came up for their final project. I really learned alot and enjoyed the whole experience.

  5. l am so thankful that we get to have an exhibition in the Craft And Folk Art Museum and have a chance to show people the stuff we made. Thank you so much for the people who helped make this happen!

  6. Yay!!! I thought our event was a huge success. I loved the outcome of everyone’s final projects; I thought everyone’s ideas carried across well in their pieces. I want to thank everyone who came out to support us, including family. I want to thank the CAFAM director for letting us use the space right in the front as well as the courtyard, and for letting us keep our show up for A WHOLE WEEK! That is amazing! It really feels like a gallery show because of this. And finally, thank you a million times to Carole, Lydia, Christin, Amy, and Sonny for being with us every week and teaching, helping, inspiring, and documenting us every step of the way. Your commitment to guiding young artists of the future will pay off as we flourish in the art world thanks to your help! I had an incredible experience and I am so glad I decided to be a part of this program.

  7. Wow! This was so fun! Thank you sooo much to everyone who was a part of this project. I really appreciate all you’ve done. This was a great experience and I’ve learned so much. I was even able to sell one of my pieces!

  8. These past few weeks have been such an enjoyment for me! I’m so happy I got to learn new things like embroidery and I even got to work on my crochet skills! At first I was really worried how my final project would turn out but I’m proud of the final results. I can’t wait to use my new skills in the future and I want to thank everyone who let all of this happen! This was really an amazing and original experience for me and I’m really glad I was able to be part of the program! Thank you to everyone again!!

  9. Having my art displayed and being able to have an impact on those who saw it was truly an honor for me. Thank you so much Carol, Mrs H and everyone else who gave us the opportunity and resources to make it happen!


  11. The CAFAM exhibition was a great success, and I had so much fun being a part of this museum project! I can’t believe I get to say that one of my pieces was exhibited at an actual museum, what an honor. I’m so happy I was able to learn important skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life, like sewing and crocheting. Thank you so much Frau Fiber, Sonny, and your wonderful assistants for helping make this program the very best it could be!

  12. I had great experience with Carole by learning how to work on making different outfits for myself and I loved the exhibit it was mind blowing seeing our peojects in the museum and having it stay there for the rest of the week!!yay!!!!!>.<

  13. Thank you so much to everyone who made this program possible! I learned a lot of new skills that I am now incorporating in every day situations and I will definitely remember this wonderful experience.

  14. Thank you very much to CAFAM, Sony, Carole, Sonny, and everyone else that worked hard to make this experience what it is. I am unimaginably glad that so many people took something from this, whether they learned a new skill or grew as an artist. Fun was had. Great job to all the artists.

  15. It was great seeing everyone’s responses to our work, thank you for giving us this opportunity! And thank you for giving us this chance to try something new, I pushed myself to experiment with this new medium and made something I never would have even thought of before. Thank you so much!

  16. Kira and I had a lot of fun with our piece and we hope other people enjoyed it too. Thanks for putting up with us and our art

  17. It was so amazing seeing all our ideas come to life. Participating in the CAFAM program was such a rewarding experience and I learned so much! I was really pleased with the outcome of our exhibit and want to say thank you again to everyone who made it possible!

  18. This has been a really fun experience! Never would I have thought that I would use my sewing/embroidering skills for an art show. I’m happy to have been a part of this!

  19. Working with CAFAM was such a great honor and I’ve gotten so much out of it. Learning all of these different techniques has made me think twice about how open I am to different forms of art and that is is possible to create “difficult” art works as long as I try. I thank this program for giving me that ability. Thank you CAFAM!

  20. It was honestly an amazing experience. I loved seeing everyone’s artwork in a museum for the public to see and enjoy. Learning all these techniques really inspired me to start searching for more ways to make art and do what i love most. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Thank you CAFAM!

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