CSULA Student Assistants Bio’s

I have recruited three of my students to help with our skill sharing.  This page will share a little bit about them.

Lidia Alvarez is currently completing her Bachelors of Art degree in Fashion Merchandising from Cal State Los Angeles. As President of the Student Fashion Association at CSULA, creator and Creative Director of fashion news site, Fashionfocused.net, and having held several internships encompassing various facets of the fashion industry Lidia knowledge of the industry comes from both an artistic and a business standpoint.  As a self professed Fashion Enthusiast, Lidia expresses her vision for her projects under the philosophy: ” I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.’ – Albert Einstein ”  

Lidia’s special skills are embroidery and organizing!  and her blog is:  http://ellaclothing.wordpress.com/

Lidia Alverez

Christin Disi, is currently a senior at CSULA. She will complete a B.A. in Fine Art, an Option in Textiles, Certificate in Fashion Design and a minor in Basic Business. She likes to use her traditional African fabrics for more Western silhouettes. She also like to blog about her natural hair.  Christin is a skilled knitter and examples of her works can be found on her blogs: cdisi.wordpress.com and cdisi.tumblr.com.




Amy Arendt is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design. She is excited to be involved with Strategic Crafting at Culver City High School, and hopes to help others in their artistic endeavors while being able to grow artistically herself. In her spare time Amy enjoys designing jewelry and attending music festivals.  



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